Adding More Accounts

  1. Give a name to your new account.
  2. Choose the currency
  3. Check this box if you want to restore an existing account
  4. Enter the secret key/viewing key or seed phrase
  5. Click here to finish
  1. Your backup is the 24 words in the top box. You must keep these words in a safe place. The order of the words is important.
  2. For your convenience, the app can show you a QR code for your seed phrase when you press the icon next to the box.


  • The account name is required. It does not have to be unique.
  • Below the seed phrase, you will find your secret key and your viewing keys. You do not need to save them because they can be derived from your seed phrase. They are provided in case you need to use another app that does not support seed phrases.

Restoring an Account

To restore an account, check the box (3) and enter your backup seed phrase (or secret key/viewing key).