Account Manager

Open the account manager by selecting “Accounts” in the app menu.

  1. Currency
  2. Name
  3. Total Balance
  4. Shielded Balance
  5. Transparent Balance
  6. Long Press to Edit Name
  7. Swipe left/right to Delete
  8. Add/Restore Account

To return to the account page, select an account by tapping on its name. Or press the back button, if you don’t want to change the current selection.

Select an account

Tap on the account name

Add Account

Press the Button “+” in the bottom right corner.

See next section Adding More Accounts.

Change Account Name

Long Press on the Account row.

Delete Account

Swipe the account row left or right and release.

Then confirm the deletion. If the account has an outstanding balance, you will be asked to confirm twice.


The account that has its name in bold face is the default account for its currency. When using the dashboard shortcuts, funds are sent or received from the default account. Moreover, the default account is used to pay for transaction fees when saving contacts to the blockchain.