Custom Derivation Path

For Transparent Addresses Only

For a single account, it is easier to use the scan sub account feature.

If you have funds in a legacy wallet (pre NU-5) that hasn’t been upgraded to support transaction V5, your funds are inaccessible.

However, you can create an account in YWallet using the same seed phrase and derivation path.

The resulting secret key and address will be identical and you will be able to sweep your funds.


For Ledger, the derivation path is m/44'/133'/0'/0/0 For a second account in Ledger, the path is m/44'/133'/1'/0/0, and so on.

If you have made several transactions, Ledger will have created additional addresses by incrementing the final number: m/44'/133'/0'/0/1, etc.

The exact format of the path is important. m/44'/133'/0'/0/1 is not the same as m/44/133'/0'/0/1 Note the absence of ' on 44.

You can use the website Mnemonic Code Converter to check your addresses. Don’t forget to switch the currency to ZEC.


Given account_index and address_index, the path is typically:


for wallets that follow the BIP-44 spec.

Private Key

Alternatively, you can input a private key that follows the Bitcoin Wallet Import Format.

How to

  • Import an account using the seed phrase
  • Switch to the account transparent address
  • Long press on the QR code
  • Enter the custom derivation path
  • Check that the new transparent address matches what you expect

This feature is not compatible with the autoscan feature.



Be advised that using your seed phrase online or in a hot wallet compromises its security. YWallet does not upload any data but your device may be infected with malware that does.

To mitigate the risks, sweep all the other funds from your hardware wallet to a new seed phrase and never use the old one.