Wallet Profit and Loss

Wallet P/L (Profit and Loss) calculates and displays your wallet performance versus fiat currency. It considers incoming funds as purchases at market price and outgoing funds as sales.

For example, if you receive 1 ZEC when 1 ZEC=140 USD and then spend 0.5 ZEC when 1 ZEC=150 USD, your wallet performance will be:

  • 0.5 x (150 - 140) of realized profit
  • 0.5 x (150 - 140) of unrealized profit

If later 1 ZEC=180 USD,

  • Your realized profit doesn’t change since you didn’t do any transaction
  • Your unrealized profit becomes 0.5 x (180-140) since the market price increased

The app tracks wallet in and outflows and evaluates profit and loss based on the average cost method.

  1. Historical Price
  2. Realized P/L
  3. Unrealized P/L (Marked to Market)
  4. Total P/L (Realized + Unrealized)
  5. Quantity and table (scroll right)
  6. Data Table
  7. Save as CSV
  8. Tap/Hold to browse the chart
  9. Adjust the time range on the Settings page


  • The app uses daily price data from CoinGecko. There is only one price per day and therefore it will not take intraday movements into consideration
  • The historical price it uses could be different from your actual purchase or sale price. As a result, the P/L is only indicative