After a major upgrade, the app may exhibit incorrect behavior. If this happens, the easiest way to fix the issue is to uninstall, reinstall and restore from seed.

You should always have a safe copy of your seed phrase

If your phone or computer crashes and you don’t have the seed phrase, your funds are LOST.

But if you really don’t have the seed phrase and the app is still working you can try resetting it by following the instructions below.

Resetting the app should be done as a last resort as it will attempt to rebuild your database and may leave it in a worse state than it is.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Go to the About Page. Make sure you have version 1.2.3 or above
  2. Long Press on the version number
  3. Confirm you want to reset the app
  4. Close and restart the app. Because of app store policies, an app is not allowed to restart programatically. Make sure you have closed the app. The app shows the “Loading” screen on restart
  5. Reselect your current account
  6. Rescan