Main Account

Your main account is displayed in bold face. There is one main account for each coin. When you spend and receive coins from the dashboard shortcuts, the funds will be directed to the main account.

The main account is the last account you selected for that particular coin.

Sub Accounts

A seed phrase can derive a multitude of accounts. By default, Ywallet uses only the first account.

However, if you want to create additional accounts with the same seed, you can tell it to use additional account indexes.

The first account is at index 0.

To create a sub-account for the current selected account, long press the ‘+’ button, and select “New Sub-account”.

You’ll be asked to provide a new name:

You can increase the “Count” number if you need more sub-accounts.

Ywallet recommends using a seed per account and not using sub-accounts. This feature is intended for cases when you need to recover accounts from other wallets. Since shielded addresses are not visible on the blockchain, there is no advantage in using more than one address. In case you want to give out a unique address, diversified addresses (or snap addresses in Ywallet) offer a better scalable solution.

Scan Transparent Addresses

If you have funds in transparent sub accounts, Ywallet can automatically find them for you. Use the Scan Accounts button and Ywallet will scan the transparent addresses at sequential indices starting from 1. It will stop when there are 10 (gap limit) consecutive addresses without funds. The Gap Limit can be adjusted in the settings.


The backup of a sub-account contains the account index. This index is needed for recovery but it is not part of the seed phrase.

Ywallet detects this format automatically but be aware that other wallets will not consider it valid.