Import from ZecWallet Lite

You can import your wallet keys from ZWL directly into YWallet without needing to synchronize ZWL.

This can be useful when ZWL fails to open.

ZecWallet Lite is not responsive until it is fully synced up. If your wallet cannot be synced, you will not be able to operate ZWL. For example, it may get appear stuck on the loading screen.

However, zecwallet-lite-cli the command line version of ZWL has an option to by-pass synchronization.

  • Download ZWL-cli for your platform,
  • Uncompress and install
  • Open a shell/command prompt/terminal
  • Launch ZWL-cli with the nosync option and export your wallet to a file

On Windows,

zecwallet-cli.exe --nosync export > wallet.zwl

On MacOs,

  • Download zecwallet-lite-cli from github:
  • Double click on the file once downloaded, it will open it in “Finder”,
  • Double click on “zecwallet-cli”, it will prompt a warning: “Bla bla unix app from the internet… Are you sure you want to open it?”, Click “Open”
  • It will open a “Terminal” automatically for you and run the app
  • The app will start scanning but you don’t want that.
  • So press “Ctrl+C” and it will stop, leaving the terminal opened.
  • Drag and drop the icon of “zecwallet-cli” from the finder into the terminal window, this will insert the full path to the program. But do not type return or it will start again.
  • Add --nosync export > wallet.zwl (exactly, capitalization and space matter), then press return. This tells the program to skip syncing and to export the private keys into a file named wallet.zwl.
  • Navigate to your home directory in Finder and you should find a wallet.zwl file.

Import your ZWL key file

  • In YWallet, go to the account manager, and long-press the “+” button
  • Choose “Restore Batch”
  • Leave the Backup Encryption Key field empty
  • Load your ZWL key file

Your shielded addresses will be added to YWallet.

Transparent addresses are not imported.