Main Features

  • Warp Sync: PROCESSES ~10 000 BLOCKS PER SECOND (1)
  • Transparent and Shielded Address support
  • Scalable Design: Supports hundreds of thousands of transactions and received notes
  • Low Requirements: Android 7.0+, iPhone 7, 2 GB of RAM

Other Features

  • Multi-account
  • Watch only account from viewing key
  • Import seed phrase (ZIP 32 compliant) or secret key (Zcashd standard)
  • One-touch transparent account shielding
  • Automatic shielding above a configurable threshold
  • Snap (i.e. diversified) addresses
  • Show equivalents in Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, RMB, etc.)
  • Display and select notes (Coin Control)
  • Specify spending amount in Fiat or ZEC
  • Prepare unsigned transactions online and sign them offline (cold storage scenario)
  • Broadcast raw transactions
  • Multiple recipient payments
  • Transaction History
  • Memo
  • Auto Split Notes
  • Account Balance History
  • Largest Past Payees Chart
  • Wallet P/L Charts and Reports
  • Contact Address Book (with optional storage in memos)
  • Color and Dark/Light Themes
  • Custom themes
  • Customizable anchor offset
  • QR code scanner support
  • Payment URI with Deep Links
  • Integration with iOS/Android dashboard Quick Actions
  • Localization in English, Spanish, French (more to come)
  • Fluent and Responsive UI

Privacy Features

  • No data upload
  • All information recoverable from seed phrase or secret key
  • Customizable lightwalletd server URL
  1. Tested on OnePlus 7T - Snapdragon 855+