Send coins

  1. Start from the account page by clicking on the “Send” button in the bottom right corner
  1. Address to send coins to
  2. Tap to open the QR code scanner
  3. Either enter the amount in mZEC or
  4. Enter the amount in Fiat currency. The other field updates automatically
  5. Tap to spend the entire balance


  1. Check to include your address in the memo. The recipient can directly reply to you if he is using Ywallet too.
  2. Memo Subject
  3. Memo Body

Memo subject, body and reply-to are supported between YWallet sender/receiver. If not, they will appear in the text of the memo.

Advanced Settings

  1. These settings are detailed in the section Advanced Usage/Send Options.

Detailed balances

  1. Total balance available = transparent + shielded
  2. Shielded NOTES that don’t have enough confirmations for sending
  3. Shielded notes that were excluded from sending (COIN CONTROL)
  4. Transparent balance. These coins must be shielded before sending. Tap the shield button to initiate the transfer to your shielded address
  5. Remaining balance spendable (taking the network fee into consideration)

Transaction Summary

This page gives you a summary of the actual transaction that the wallet is about to perform.

When your recipient is a UA that includes multiple receivers, YWallet will choose one or many receivers in order to optimize your privacy. It may result in a split of an output into several parts.

For example, suppose that you currently have 2 ZEC in a Sapling note and 1 ZEC in an Orchard note. If you want to pay 2.5 ZEC to UA that has both Sapling and Orchard receivers, YWallet will make a transaction that pays 2 ZEC and 0.5 ZEC to the Sapling and Orchard receivers respectively.

Your recipient will receive the exact same amount and there will be a single transaction. For the most part, the process is seamless. However, the transaction summary page will show the two receivers.

The idea is similar to splitting a bill between two credit cards.


  • The spendable balance excludes the network fee of 0.01 mY/ZEC.
  • Notes may not be spendable if they were received recently. In this case, wait for more confirmations or change the setting “Number of Confirmations Needed before Spending”.
  • Lowering the value increases the risk of having the transaction reverted.
  • By default, the balance in the transparent address cannot be spent. Refer to Use Transparent Balance to enable spending from it.