Synchronization (Catchup) will automatically start when YWallet detects that it does not have the latest block data.

Synchronization is complete when only the block height number is displayed above the QR code.

You can also manually trigger a rescan through the application menu.


During Rescan or Catchup, the blockheight will cycle between the following information:

  • current height / latest height
  • synchronization % (CATCHUP for incremental sync and RESCAN for full scan)
  • number of blocks remaining to process
  • timestamp of latest block processed
  • ETA (Estimated Time Remaining to complete the scan)
  • Bytes downloaded from the server
  • Number of transaction outputs decrypted

Tapping on the display will alternate between cycling and a fixed display.


  • You can use the “Bytes downloaded from the server” statistics to monitor the status of the remote server. If there is no progress for more than a minute, it is a good indication that the server is not responding.

  • “Number of transaction outputs decrypted” shows how many trial decryption YWallet has done so far. Synchronization speed is significantly reduced by trial decryptions.

  • If these two statistics reset to 0, the server has disconnected. YWallet will automatically reconnect but there may be some network issue.


The synchronization can be canceled/paused through the Application Menu. When paused, automatic catchup is also disabled. To resume the scan, either tap on the message or choose the “Resume Scan” option in the application menu.

Pausing the synchronization is not immediate. YWallet will not download more data from the server but will complete processing the data it currently has.

Background Sync

On Android,

Starting from version 1.2.15, once started, synchronization continues as a service.

You can switch to other apps or even lock your device, and YWallet will synchronize in the background.

There will be a notification message in the notification tray with a progress indicator.

  • Background Sync is only available on Android devices.
  • On iOS, due to platform restrictions, the application must remain in the foreground.
  • On desktop, Synchronization always happens concurrently with other programs.

Some Android manufacturers prefer battery life over proper functionality of your apps. Refer to Don’t kill app for more information.

Local Notifications

On Android,

You’ll receive a tray notification if the balance of your account changes as a result of new confirmed transaction. YWallet must be running but does not need to be in the foreground.