Message List

Messages are contained in the memo field. Whenever you send to a shielded address, you can attach some data through the memo.

Memos have a maximum size of 512 bytes which is enough in most cases.

Message List

  1. Avatar of the Sender or Recipient. The color depends on their initial
  2. Sender or Receiver and the direction (out/in)
  3. Date/Time
  4. Subject. Unread messages are shown in bold
  5. Content
  6. Tap to send a new message

Message Table

The Message Table is shown if you have selected it in the settings.

It is formatted as a regular inbox.

  1. Messages in red are outgoing, messages in green are incoming.
  2. The subject of the message (or the first ~20 characters of the body)
  3. The body of the message
  4. Unread/Read indicator. Messages in bold are unread.

Tap on a message to zoom in.