New Account



  1. Enter the account name (required)
  2. Choose the crypto
  3. Press to create a new account

The process should only take a few seconds.



  1. Turn on the restore switch
  2. Enter the wallet key
  3. Choose the account index. The account index is part of the derivation path. This is NOT the wallet birth height (see below). If you are unsure, leave it at 0
  4. Press to restore the account

The account is created but the blockchain data is not rescanned.

Therefore you will not see your balance yet.


Usually after an import, the wallet has to rescan older blocks. If you are restoring multiple accounts, it is recommended to rescan after you imported them all because the rescan will process all the accounts simulatenously.

Keys accepted

  • Seed phrase: 12, 15, 18, 24 words + 1 optional password
  • Sapling secret key
  • Sapling viewing key
  • Unified viewing key

Transparent private keys are NOT accepted. Use the sweep function to transfer funds from a transparent address.

Birth Height

See Rescan.