App Backup

App Backup is a compressed & encrypted copy of the application database.

It contains all the account and the synchronization data.

By restoring from an app backup, you will only have to catchup from the point the backup was made.

This can be a huge time saver, especially if you have several accounts.

App Backup

Generating a keypair

The backup is encrypted using the AGE software suite. Before you can make a backup, you need to generate a keypair. This can be done using the AGE tools or in Ywallet.

Tap the button (1). The app will generate a NEW key pair.

Key Pair


You need to save BOTH the encryption key and the secret key.

Technically speaking, the encryption key can be derived from the secret key but not the other way round. However, it is simpler to just save both of them.

Once you return to the previous page, the secret key will NOT be available anymore. You MUST save it before.


  1. Enter the encryption key and select an output file
  2. Enter the secret key and open a file

On desktop, you need to remove the database encryption before making an app backup.

If the decryption is successful, you have to close and restart the app for it to take effect.

Manual Restoration

The app backup can be recovered without Ywallet by following these steps: