Use Rewind when you want to rollback the synchronization data to a previous point and then make the wallet catch up from there.

Rewinding deletes the synchronization data after the given date/height.

This is useful if you notice an anomaly with your wallet that happened after a certain height. If you think your wallet was OK prior to that point, you can try rewinding to it and see if your issue is resolved.

Normally, rewinding is not necessary unless you are restoring an old wallet.


You have a wallet created in 2023 that is now fully synced. You import a new seed phrase from a wallet from Jan 2024.

If you rescanned from Jan 2024, the first wallet data from 2023-2024 would be lost. You could rescan from 2023 but that would redownload the data 2023 that you already have processed.

The best solution is to rewind to Jan 2024, the data from that date is downloaded again but not any data from 2023.


The wallet can only be rewound to a previous checkpoint.

Warp Sync works in chunks of blocks. A checkpoint is made at the end of every chunk.

By Date

By Date

  1. Date
  2. Switch to checkpoints

Notice that some dates are not available. There were no checkpoints on these dates, probably because the app was not active then.

By Checkpoint

By Checkpoint