You can exchange ZEC for another crypto currency with the Swap function.


Swaps are offered by third party services. Make sure you read their terms of services and understand the risks involved. Ywallet is not responsible for any funds lost!

Ywallet may receive a referral commission in some of the cases.


Swaps only use the transparent balance because the service may refuse to perform the swap and return your ZEC.

Because of this possibility, swaps need to have a return address. You could lose your funds if the funds came from the shielded pool.

In this case, it needs to have a return address. If the funds could come from the shielded pool, you could LOSE your funds!


  1. Choose one of the swap providers. At This moment, we only have StealthEx but others will be added soon;
  2. Show the list of swaps (pending or finished) that were initiated recently.



  1. Enter source amount;
  2. Enter source currency;
  3. Choose direction of the swap;
  4. Enter target currency;
  5. Enter target address;
  6. Tap to request a quote. The app will fill in the target quantity;
  7. Go to next step.

Double check that the target address is correct. You MUST have the secret key otherwise you will not be able to spend the funds.

Reverse Swap

If you want to specify the amount received instead of the amount sent, press the arrow to reverse the swap. The source quantity will be calculated instead of the destination quantity.

The amount/currency at the top becomes the destination amount/currency and vice-versa.



This page shows a summary of the swap. If the currency at the top is ZEC, you can press the arrow button to send funds to the swap address. Otherwise you need to make the transaction yourself (using another crypto wallet).

The information at the bottom is where you will receive the funds.


Double check that all the information is correct before sending the funds. The swap is not reversible.

Ywallet does not monitor the swap progress (because that would involve being able to monitor other blockchains). Therefore this page remains opened until the user closes it.


If you closed the summary page by accident, you can retrieve it by going to the history page.