To make a simple payment, you will need to know:

  1. the recipient address,
  2. the amount.

Press the send button at the bottom right corner of the account info page to open up the Send Form.

Simple Send

Addresses are practically never entered manually. They are either copy/pasted, scanned, or taken from the contact list.

The buttons (3) on the right side of the address will respectively:

  • open the QR scanner
  • ask you to pick up a contact
  • ask you to select one of the accounts (for account to account transfers)

If the address is shielded, an encrypted memo can be added to the transaction.

Custom Send

Custom Send can be activated for every send by switching it on in the settings, or by long pressing on the arrow button (the Floating Action Button)

It gives you more control over the transaction.

There are many parameters that can be used in this mode.

Custom Send

  1. Address

  2. QR Code Scanner

  3. Address Book / Contacts

  4. Accounts

  5. Pools from the Receiver Address. This field appears if you use a unified address that has more than one receiver. It allows you to disable some of the recipient receivers. This field shows up if the address has more than one receiver after filtering by Receivers in the settings.

  6. Pools from your account. Select the pools from your wallet that you want to use. This allows you to force a type of transaction that the wallet would not do otherwise. Ex: t2t even if you have shielded funds.

  7. Amount in Crypto

  8. Amount in Fiat / Reference Currency

  9. Amount Slider

  10. Max Amount

  11. Net/Gross Amount Switch. When off, the input amount is the amount that the recipient gets, i.e. the sender (you) pays the fees. Otherwise, the fee is deducted from the amount received and the recipient gets slightly less than the amount specified.

  12. Include Reply-To Switch (see next section)

  13. Subject

  14. Body

These fields can be enabled/disabled in the settings.


A memo can contain up to 512 bytes of arbitrary data. YWallet defines a format that optionally has the sender's address and a subject.

This format is only recognized by Ywallet. If the recipient uses another wallet, they will have the raw memo.


Unless you include your address in the memo, the recipient will not be able to reply to you.

You can set the type of address to include in the Settings.