Seed & Keys

Saving the seed phrase is the #1 way to save your account. It is compatible with most wallet apps, i.e. you can recover your funds using another wallet than Ywallet.

However, every account has its own seed phrase and you MUST save every seed phrase if you have multiple accounts.

Moreover, the seed phrase saves your account keys but not the synchronizationd data. After you recover, you will have to rescan the blockchain from the account height.

The account height is not part of the seed and ideally should be also saved. In case of doubt, you can always rescan from the first shielded block but it could take much longer than if you used the wallet birth height.

From the seed phrase, the wallet app derives three sets of keys, corresponding to each pool.

You can use the individual keys if your wallet app does not support seed phrases. Otherwise, just keep the seed phrase.


Keys can be recalculated from the seed phrase but the seed phrase cannot be derived from the keys.



Some of the keys are long and do not fit completely in the panel. Make sure you select the entire text or better yet, use the export buttons.

  1. Seed phrase
  2. Other keys
  3. Export buttons
  4. Toggle the backup reminder from the main page