Coin Weighted Poll


Coin Weight Polling is a multiple-choice poll (no write-in) where responders commit a certain amount of ZEC to their answer without spending it. Their answer is weighted accordingly.

  • Pro: The poll is anonymous and sybill resistant;
  • Con: Someone who commits more ZEC has more weight. It does not work like a democracy.

The vote is not encrypted. Anyone can see the votes but not who made them. Responders can split their funds and vote as many times as they want.

The questions are TBD. At the moment, the idea is to poll the mining reward distribution.

Example: Alice has 10 ZEC. Her preference is for a 80 % miner, 7% ECC 5% ZF 8% ZCG She allocates her voting power as follows: 8 miner, 0.7 ECC, 0.5 ZF, 0.8 ZCG

There is no minimum amount. Any zatoshis count.


The poll is about the entire mining award. Do not forget to allocate votes to the miners!

A website will show the tally in real time.

Polling Process

The poll will run for ~ 1 week (TBD). You should ensure you have new funds in the Orchard Pool at the start of the week.

  1. Old notes are not eligible1. But you can move your funds by self-transferring.
  2. You have to keep the notes until the end of the week. You can spend it after without affecting your voting power.
  3. After that, you will have some time to cast your choice by associating your notes with one of the award recipients (Miners, ZF, ZCG, etc.).
  4. You cannot split a note between two recipients. Therefore, you need to do any splits before the week is over.
  5. Your ballot does not use your spending key.
  6. The nullifier is different from the "normal" nullifier. Your ballot is not linkable2 to your ZEC.

There will be a UI in Ywallet for that.


The mechanism/technology is based on the Coin Voting Proposal (under ZIP review) and is not audited at this time.

For additional safety, the ballot is not signed with your spending key. In fact, it could be created with only the viewing key.


  1. We would have to scan the whole blockchain to create the ballot if every note were eligible.

  2. As far as I know, but there is no security review of this statement.