1. The Anti-Spam filter excludes the processing of large transactions that occurred during the spam period of 2023-2024.
  2. Calculate the fee automatically using ZIP-317 rules (highly recommended). You transaction may get stuck if the fees are too low
  3. Server
  4. Ping each server and get the latency
  5. URL of the block explorer
  6. Receivers included in the main address
  7. Receivers included in the reply-to address (used when you decide to include your address in a message)
  8. Receivers used when sending to a UA. See below

Spam Filter


To take full advantage of the spam filter, also connect to one of the Zcash Infra servers


If you run your own Lightwalletd server, you can enter its URL.


Choose one of the preconfigured block explorer or enter a custom URL.


For example if you only select Orchard and send to a UA that has Transparent, Sapling & Orchard receivers, only the Orchard receiver will be used