This page shows the unused shielded notes received. Transparent notes (UTXO) are not managed and will not show up. For more info, see Synchronization.


For the most part, notes are automatically selected when making payments. However, you can exclude some notes. Of course, this will reduce the spendable balance.

  1. Height
  2. Amount / Pool. The color indicates the pool of the note
  3. Date/Time
  4. Invert the selection


Like every coin based on the Bitcoin model, wallets in zcash are made of individual notes that are indivisible before spending.

When you make a transaction, you consume existing notes from your wallet and create new ones. Some go to the recipient; others come back to you as change.

This behavior is similar to real-world money, where coins and bills are indivisible and exchanged between parties.

However, cryptocurrencies based on Proof of Work have another particularity: Transactions are never absolutely final. They are finalized only from a probabilistic point of view. As blocks get mined and added to the blockchain, the number of confirmations on a transaction increases, and the chances of having it reversed decreases. When it reaches a point where the user considers the risk acceptable, they consider the transaction fully confirmed. Since this is subjective, Ywallet has a setting for it (by default, 3 blocks). Before that, the transaction outputs are not available for spending.